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OUR MISSION: Take 2 Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit all breed rescue dedicated to giving unwanted, abandoned animals a second take on life. Our goals also include promoting humane treatment of pets as well as fighting hereditary health issues and over-population of pets by educating the general public.
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-----------UPDATE----8-30-2007----------- Unfortunately, over three months after Katie's surgery, we are seeing no improvement in her incontinence :(

While she has healed up and feels wonderful, she is still leaking urine quite a bit. We are willing to waive her adoption fee to find her a forever home. All other adoption requirements apply.


Though we are still short of our goal, we are confident the rest will come.� Katie had her surgery on Thursday, May 17th.� She did very well and the doctor said what a good girl she was :)�

Katie had a big ectopic ureter that they were able to go in and relocate back to where it should be.� They also found that the kidney associated with that ureter is small and scarred, but still functioning fine.� She will hopefully be home on Fridiay May 18th and will likely be on some medicine (Proen).� Her bladder wont be used to holding the full amount of urine, so the medicine will help to strengthen her muscles there.�

There is roughly an over 50% chance for full recovery ... another 30% chance that she wont leak, but will still be on the Proen.

Keep your fingers crossed that we have a successful treatment and recovery :)


Katie is an American Staffordshire Terrier who is only one and a half years old.� She is a super, SUPER sweet girl who loves everyone she meets, is great with children, good with other dogs, playful, cuddly and so full of life.� She truely exemplifies what the breed is meant to be.� � �

We have had Katie since December.� She was rescued from a local Humane Society.� They originally found her tied up to an abandoned home�with no food or water when the owners moved away.� She was extremely emaciated and barely able to stand on her own.� Katie has put on weight so nicely and come such a long way!�

However, she has yet one more challenge - Katie, at her young age, is incontinent.� She drips urine constantly and was like that before her spay. We have gone through all of the normal stuff - UTI, antibiotics, etc all the way up through monitoring her water intake and PPA (bladder muscle strengthener). Nothing has helped.

Vets are now looking at an Ectopic Ureter. If you dont know what that is ... basically her tubing is wrong inside and is taking the urine to the wrong place in the bladder or possibly bypassing the bladder causing the leaking ... more info here.

The treatment is expensive surgery that will be approximately $2000 - that is with a 30% discount that we will receive.

Katie has come so far; please help us to help her make it all the way into the loving forever home that she deserves!�

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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